It really bothers me that there are so many horror stories of designers who have taken money from their clients and ran without providing them with any work.

Not only do I feel for the people who lost their money, but I feel disappointed because it gives us freelance designers a bad name and it makes people very hesitant to hire us. The reality is, there are far more trustworthy, good designers than untrustworthy ones; you just need to know how to find them!

The most common way to find design companies/freelance designers is through a Google search. While this is the easiest way to discover designers locally and nationally; you need to be careful that you’re dealing with trustworthy people.

Today, we will walk you through some serious DONT’S you should keep in mind when conducting your search for designers.


1: NO PORTFOLIO OF WORK: Never hire a creative professional who doesn’t provide examples of their previous work. If no portfolio is provided, alarm bells should go off immediately.

2. NO WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS: All designers these days know the importance of social media marketing and online branding. A designer who does not have one of the above items is a huge red flag!

3. OFFER PACKAGES TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: All designers know their clients want their projects to be done yesterday and at a great price. But, designers also know realistic deadlines and price points. For instance, if your web designer says they can offer you an $800 package full of XTML/HTML coding, video production, social media marketing, SEO within a 4 day turnaround– SCAM! Kindly decline their services. Take it from us, no one can build a top dollar website in under a week and under charge for their services.

4. NO OFFER FOR AN INITIAL CONSULTATION BEFORE PAYMENT: Before we take on any client, we offer a free consultation meeting. This gives our clients a chance to get to know us, pick our brains about design, and see how we can help grow their business. If your potential designer is adamant they don’t want to communicate via phone, Skype, or in person – be very wary! This is not normal!

When you’re looking for a designer, be prepared to spend more money hiring someone who will do the job right. Remember – always go with your gut instinct. If your gut is telling you there’s something a little strange about a designer you’ve been in contact with – don’t hire them!

In the end, hiring an amateur always costs more than hiring the pro.