Welcome to the first edition of Tech Tuesday! Each week we will be sharing with you guys our favorite products, reviews on products we’ve used, interesting new technology, and even freebies!

This week’s post is going to focus on traveling with technology and what are must haves on a trip!

Part of the TwinFin team (Nick Gruber and I), are heading out west this week to film The Vic: Skimboarding World Championship with Pro Rider Max Wheeler. Eight beautiful days in Laguna Beach – what could be better! This is both our first time flying to Cali and our longest flight yet, so when it comes to two techies packing, we need to pack smart! Even though we want to bring all of our gadgets – we simply can’t. It would be way too much to be responsible for and I refuse to put any of it in our checked luggage.

So we have narrowed it down to strictly the essentials:

1. Headphones: Don’t get me wrong – I’ve definitely been the person scrambling through the airport convenient store paying $25 for crappy headphones because I left mine at home. Thankfully (I’ve learned my lesson too many times), I now remember to bring a good set of headphones because nothing is worse than jamming to your favorite song mixed with the plane engine! I recommend the Bose SoundTrue Headphones, they are lifesavers!
2. Laptop: This is a given. We never travel anywhere without our laptops. I use a MacBook Pro 15 inch. I’ve had it for a little over 4 years – it still works fine in my opinion. While traveling, if I’m lucky enough to connect to WiFi I’m usually cruising around social media, reading blogs, or watching YouTube. If not, I keep myself busy by messing around in my favorite programs like Illustrator or InDesign. Internet or no internet, Nick can always be found editing video.
3. Go-Pros: The new Hero 4 arrived just in time to bring it on this trip – which is awesome! We will also be bringing along the Hero 3+ Black and Hero 3+ and a bunch of supported mounts & accessories.
4. Camera: This is all Nick (as I use my iPhone.) He uses a Panasonic Lumix GH4 for his filming and photography. He doesn’t go anywhere with it.
5. Chargers: With all of our tech gear – it’s practically self-explanatory! It’s often overlooked when packing. Everybody’s probably been guilty of forgetting at least one charger when getting ready for a trip. For me, it’s mainly because I’m charging things at the last minute. On the way out the door, I only end up grabbing whatever I’m charging and not the actual charger (that makes sense, right?)
6. Battery Box: This is a new item we just picked up specifically for the trip. Because of the long flight, we’re going to need the extra battery life. I recently found out about battery box for Macs. You simply charge it up, plug it in, and you have an extra 11 hours of battery life – pure magic! How did I not discover this sooner?!
7. Backpack: For me, a backpack is a definite must have. During a recent trip, I decided to pick up the Borealis Laptop Backpack (in surf green/asphalt gray.. if that matters to you). I loved it because it was the perfect size with all the compartments I could ever want (without being extremely bulky). I’M OBSESSED! It will be the perfect companion on this trip out west. Oh yeah, besides Nick!

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