This might come as a surprise to some, but, social media isn’t just for selfies & angry rants. [whaaaaattt?!] It is an amazing resource for your business to connect with your audience and network with others. (leaving the couch is optional) Today we are going to share our favorite ways to utilize our favorite social media platforms that we’ve found to be very helpful and successful in our business – & know you can have the same success too! By using these tools we have seen an exponential growth in our social media following, as well as page views on our website. Our little tip to you to ensure you are successfully using social media for your business: “Just do it – Put your self out there – Don’t be afraid – Have fun! ”
We mean business groups – not Jake’s Annual Christmas Party. [Just thought I’d make that clear] Did you even know business groups existed? Well, they do! And that are extremely awesome + helpful! Plus, everyone on Facebook has a pretty good understanding of the platform, so navigating through FB groups is pretty straightforward. WHY SHOULD YOU BOTHER :

  1. Networking at Large: Facebook is HUGE – with over 900 million active users there are a ton of people to network with. Right now – Does your business reach nationwide? How about International? Facebook could help you with that. Even if you aren’t looking to expand to that level just yet, it’s cool to have the ability to talk to those people and get input and a different perspective on your business from possible potential clients.
  2. Many Groups are Closed or Private: Unlike most of Facebook – closed/ private groups have a sense of privacy. You can interact in them without worrying about your entire friend list seeing what you are up to business wise. They are also great for getting help and feedback. It’s an entire group filled with like minded people who want to help – utilize this!
We just discoverd Twitter chats about a month ago (shoutout to #nectarchat) , and I’ve gotta tell ya, it was life changing! Was it completely overwhelming at first? f yes! But it was also so fun, amazing, and most importantly, helpful! You meet so many people and expose your brand faster than you ever imagined.

  • On average 150-300 people were interacting with my tweets in ONE HOUR – cray!


  1. Immediate Help: If you have a question – comment – or concern you can expect to get feedback immediately from a lot of people who have knowledge in the field. People join in on these chats to get help and to help others. It is a friendly community!
  2. Real Time – Real Talk: Twitter chats are at real time – so everyone participating is interacting at the same time. Unlike on other platforms where you post a question and you have to wait until the person signs on next to see it.
  3. Consistent: Twitter chats (for the most part) are scheduled with the same host at the same time. [weekly, bi weekly,etc.] Before the chat, the host will let you know what that weeks topic will be- so you can decide if it is relevant to your business and if you should join. The ones we’ve joined in on in the past is – ‘Social Media Growth’ ‘How to grow your Instagram with authentic followers’ & ‘Why you NEED a e-newsletter’.
  4. They’re Just Plain Fun: You have the ability to network with like minded people and share your brand and ideas with them. You learn so much in such a short amount of time. I know after my first chat I walked away with 30 new followers – 15 new emails – and 10 people who wanted to collab! It was awesome! With these stats & if I stay consistent with participating in Twitter chats (1 to 2 a week) – think about how fast I could get TwinFin’s name out there!

Lately webinars have become one of my favorite things to do [#adultprobz ?] But seriously, I love to learn from successful people in my industry – and if I can do that in a more casual setting than a conference room, its a WIN! [cue sweatpants on the couch with my coffee and puppy] I personally have not hosted my own webinar yet- it’s on my 2016 business goals! I have a few things I need to do in preparation for this, but stay tuned! So while I am not giving personal advice from experience on the hosting a webinar side, I am giving advice from viewer side. Which I think in this situation the viewer knows what works and what doesn’t work.


  1. Great way to introduce a new product!
  2. Webinars allow for a large number of people to attend
  3. Adding a chat feature + Q &A make it more fun and helps you engage more with viewers.

As a business owner, when we can find FREE tools available to help us promote our businesses, it’s a beautiful thing. It   frees up our budget to invest in other areas to grow our businesses. In today’s world, social media is crucial to business but the idea of spending money on it seems, hmm silly. If you agree with me, then you probably know the struggles to find tips and tricks on how to use social media effectively without spending a penny. The above methods are 100% FREE! (yes, webinars sometime cost money, but all the ones I have used have been free – & still so incredibly helpful!)  I guarantee, Once you implement using at least one of these tools in your business,  you will start to see some of the same results I’ve seen in growing my following and creating new connections!