I came across the coolest site the other day and immediately knew I need to share it with you guys. As a graphic designer, I have a huge passion for typography, especially, handwritten fonts. That’s because no two handwriting are the same. They are completely unique. That’s what so cool about it!

When the average reads a homeless person’s sign, you don’t think about much more than a struggling person trying to survive. The people of Arrels Foundation see so much more than that. They see artists.

Arrels Foundation + Cyranos McCann Advertising Agency came together to create:


According to the website – homelesfonts.org is an initiative by Arrels Foundation consisting on creating a collection of typefaces based on the handwriting of homeless people living in the streets of Barcelona. The idea behind these typefaces is for people and brands to use them in their announcements. By purchasing a font style, you are helping to provide accommodations, food, social and healthcare to the 1,400 people struggling to live.


Each personal font takes about two and half months to create, so homelessfonts.org is always looking for volunteer designers to help out. Not a designer but still want to help? Email them at hello@homelessfonts.org