Hey ya’ll! Happy Monday! Yes, happy. If you follow us on social media ( facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest) you know that here at the TwinFin Media Studio we are all about having highly productive, super crazy, get sh** done, Mondays!

After a wild weekend, 8 am on a Monday can be rough! Your order at Starbucks goes from a PSL (pumkin spiced latte) extra whip, to a cafe mocha vodka valium latte. Am I right? As a freelancer, I know all the Monday struggles. You’re your own boss & if the boss says stay in bed for another hour – eh why not, right? I mean you could so do that, but your business wouldn’t be successful.

So- I’m here to tell you how I get my sh** together and motivate you to do the same this Monday!

No one, and I mean absolutely no one, loves sleep as much as I do. [ask my mom] So the struggle of getting out of bed is all too real. Especially with fall in full swing – the cool crisp air is sooo un-motivating. But, getting up is step one! Try getting up about an hour early, and see the positive difference it makes on your day. I started this process gradually by waking up 15 minutes earlier for a week, then 30 then finally worked up to waking up 1 hour earlier. This build up really helped me and helped me enjoy waking up early.

The quicker the better! It will keep your mind off of being up so early & it will allow time for you to just relax with a cup of coffee or 4. It took me about a week to figure out a solid morning routine, but once you find yours you’ll definitely feel ready to start your day!

My morning routine:

7am: wake up

  • coffee
  • let puppy out/ feed him & rabbit
  • bathroom – shower + freshen up
  • social media check
  • check emails

8 – 8:30am – begin work

This is probably the hardest aspect of freelancing in my opinion. When you are your own boss – with no one to report to, you often want to work on projects you enjoy rather than work that is more urgent and needs to get done, like yesterday. If I operated through TwinFin working on projects I enjoyed I’d be designing graphics in Illustrator all day everyday. While that is my job, that is not everything I do here a TwinFin, so I need to prioritize my work.

I’ve actually learned that it’s best to leave the fun projects until last because then when you feel completely drained and tired at the end of the day, this will actually motivate you and keep you inspired.

Another prioritizing tip that I find useful is to schedule out your days. If you can see your entire week planned out, it not only is less stressful, but helps you balance your week. For me – I schedule everything. Lately I have stepped into focusing on more of my role as TwinFin’s Social Media Marketing Strategist where scheduling is key! Prioritizing my schedule allows me to balance my client projects with my internal TF projects.

This doesn’t mean go shopping for 2 hours or go nap for 3. This simply means go get some fresh air for 5-10 minutes, or go check your social media accounts you’ve been avoiding to be productive. A break over 1 hour will land you back on the path of zero motivation and productivity – so plan out your break wisely.


What do you guys think? Would these tips help you towards having a productive day?