Hey Twinfinners!

Our apologies for our two week blog hiatus. But it was for good reason and we did it for you. Yes, YOU! We’ve been working hard on our 1 month social media series. Each week in November we will be sharing tips and tricks to growing your own authentic online presence through social media + expose our own success using the same tips + tricks. Sharing our own stats is not our way of bragging about our success, but rather a way to show you guys what we are teaching you actually works! There is a ton of social media content out on the internet, so we want to put actionable tips and inspirational people all in 1 spot to make it easier for you! So you can stop hoarding Pinterest pins and start making moves!

Our social media breakdown is as follows:

  • Twitter: Nov. 2-6
  • Facebook Nov. 9-13
  • Instagram Nov. 16- 20
  • Pinterest Nov 23-27

We look forward to sharing and helping you guys all month in growing your own authentic online presence through social media! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Pinterest for more tips + tricks & freebies!