What is Twitter?

Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

Twitter is a platform where users share their thoughts, news, and information in 140 characters or less. [short, sweet, and too the point] Users “follow” each other in order to see what the other is talking about and to engage with them. Twitter was created to answer one simple question: What’s going on?

So, you hear everyone talking about Twitter. “Ohmygod, I love twitter! It’s awesome” “How the heck do you even use a Twitter?” Whatever side you’re hearing, now your curious – and want to check it out. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you with step by step instructions on setting your Twitter profile up for success!

  1. Sign up: Create a twitter account with your email and a password. Create a username. [Side note: People can see your name + username so choose wisely]
  2. Add a photo + bio: Choose a high quality picture that is smaller than 700 kb & a jpeg, png, or gif. Your bio is one of the first things people see when they look at your profile – think of it as a 140 character elevator pitch. Who are you? What do you do? Why should I follow you? If you are using your account for your business don’t forget to add your website URL!
  3. Follow People: Twitter is automatically going to suggest people for you to follow like Justin Timberlake, NYT Magazine, Google, and Jimmy Fallon. You can totally follow them to get started, but those are really quality follows. I say this because these people most likely will NEVER follow you back, see your tweets, or even in your niche. So why follow? Here are a few tips to finding your ideal followers:
  • Search keywords : related to your business, hobbies, etc.
  • Local businesses you like
  • Who told you to get on Twitter? Are they in your niche? Who do they follow? Check out who they follow & follow these people too!
  • See who brands in your industry follow. I know we followed people Adobe and Apple were following so we can keep up to date with the technology in our industry!
  • Do your Facebook friends have Twitters? Follow them!

4. Public vs Private profile: Now that your profile is all set up, you can decide if you want a public or private profile. If you are a business – obviously you should have a public profile so your tweets can be visible to everyone. A private profile means only people who are following you can see your tweets – and people basically have to friend request you to get access to your tweets.

5. Getting Followers: The more you participate, the more your following will grow. It take time. Especially because you want quality followers who are going to engage in your tweets – not just random people who are going to “twatch” you. [Twitter slang for someone who watches your tweets but never interacts with them – the equivalent to Facebook stalking.]

To be able to use Twitter to its fullest potential there are a few essential terms you must know:

  1. Tweet: 140 character message
  2. Favorite: “Liking” someones tweet
  3. Re-Tweet: (RT) Re-sharing someone’s tweet
  4. Quote Tweet: Re-sharing + commenting on someone’s tweet
  5. Mention: (@) referencing another user in a tweet
  6. Hashtag:(#) searchable link
  7. Direct Message:(DM) private 140 character message between 2 people
  8. Feed: Your twitter newsfeed

There you go – the basics of Twitter! We’ll be posting tips & tricks to growing your twitter account all week, so check back everyday for a new post!

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