Everyone is always hearing the word #hashtag. It’s a prominent part of tech culture- you basically have to live under a rock to have never heard that word before. But, one of the biggest questions I get asked by clients is ” What do hashtags actually do? Why should I use them?” And I always chuckle to myself and say “What CAN’T a hashtag do!” In the social media world the hashtag is one of the most POWERFUL tools!

If you are new to social media, hashtags are those keywords preceded by the pound sign. They are an integral to the way we communicate online. By adding the pound sign in front of the word(s), it becomes a searchable link allowing anyone who searches those word(s) to access your tweet! It’s a really awesome feature! The purpose of the hashtag is to organize and group topics  So picking popular key words to hashtag is important! This is the deciding factor of 100 people seeing your tweet or 100,000 people. YES, you have the ability to reach that many people! Utilize your power!

[#so #tweeting #like #this #will #get #you #nowhere #and #you #will #look #stupid]

Small business owners listen up! The hashtag is an important social media strategy you need to implement! Did you know that by creating a brand specific hashtag you are creating brand recognition on social media? For example: For TwinFin Media we always use: #twinfin #twinfinmedia #tfmhustler. The first two are self explanatory – we use #tfmhustler as a fun unique way to stand out & engage with our followers & encourage them to use it on their posts to share with us! When they see those hashtags on our posts or other peoples, they will relate it back to our brand. For Coastal Cuisine we use #coastalcuisine and  #herestogoodtaste. Again anyone who sees those hashtags will relate it back to TV show and our social media accounts and that’s exactly what we want! The Hashtag Formula:

  1. hashtag starts with a #
  2. Can be 1 or more words
  3. NO SPACES (ex. #twinfinmedia)
  4. uppercase or lowercase are the same (ex. #TWINFINMEDIA =#twinfinmedia)

Hashtag DO’s and DONT’s

  1. #Dont #overdo #the #hashtagging : Twitter recommends you use no more than 2 hashtags in a tweet. More than that can devalue your tweet and distract people from the actual content you are trying to put out there. To many hashtags can actually lose you followers and devalue your brand.
  2. DO be specific : pick a specific topic your target audience could be found chatting about. Figure out what hashtags they are using and start using them in your own tweets. The more specific you are the more likely you will hit your target audience every time with your tweets.
  3. DON’T get too clever : The more clever the hashtag the less people will search it or use it. Hashtags are supposed to make things easier to find and engage with – If you’re hashtagging #sdayfday instead of #sundayfunday, you’re going to make it harder for people to find your tweets resulting in less engagement. Always remember the classic KISS rule [Keep it Simple Stupid]
  4. DO come up with brand specific hashtags:Like I mentioned earlier, here at TwinFin we use #twinfin #twinfinmedia #tfmhustler as our brand specific hashtags. You by no means have to use your companies name in your hashtag but you should pick a hashtag that represent your brand. A great example of this is Vans. The shoe and accessories brand uses the hashtag #offthewall which is their company slogan. They encourage their followers to use that hashtag when they post photos featuring their products. When other followers see real peoples photos on the official Vans account, it then translate into more of their followers  embracing the hashtag and sharing their own Vans photos!

Some hashtags are better than others – Boost your tweets with these:

  1. #tbt : (Throw Back Thursday – used to show info/photos from an earlier time)
  2. #ff (Follow Friday – used to promote follow worthy people you know)
  3. #creativebiz (tweet relating to the creative business industry)
  4. #entrepreneur (tweet relating to being an entrepreneur)
  5. #mondaymotivation (quotes, photos, etc that offer motivation )


Okay, while that was entertaining DON’T hashtag like Jimmy & Justin! By implementing smart hashtags into your tweets, I guarantee you will be seeing a huge jump in engagement with your tweets! Later this week we will be posting our 3 month growth on twitter after using smart hashtags. Spoiler Alert:  We have more than TRIPLED our engagement!  So you’re going to want to check out how we did that, because I promise we can help you do the same!