We just discovered Twitter Chats in September, and I’ve gotta tell ya, it was life changing for our business! Was it completely over-whelming? f yes! But it was also so fun, amazing, and most importantly, helpful. You meet so many people and expose your brand faster than you ever imagined.

TIP: To get the most out of a Twitter Chat, you need to put yourself out there, talk your a** off, and make connections with like minded people.

If you are like me (2 months ago) you’re probably thinking why do I need to add Twitter Chats to my online marketing plan. Here are a few things that you’ll get out of a Twitter Chat :

  1. Increased Followers: Every Twitter Chat I’ve participated in has resulted in gained followers. Not just random followers, who follow to unfollow the next day. These followers have stuck around and engage in my content daily. When you’re meeting people in these chats you know you have at least ONE thing in common (aka the twitter chat topic). These gained Twitter followers have also translated into Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest followers too!
  2. Immediate Help: If you have a question – comment- or concern, you can expect to get feedback immediately from a lot of people who have knowledge in the field. People join in on these chats to get help and to help others. Twitter Chats have some of the most supportive and genuine people ever. It’s such a friendly community.
  3. Real Time – Real Talk: Twitter Chats are in real time so everyone participating is interacting at the same time. Unlike other platforms where you post a question and you have to wait until the person signs on next to see it. With real time, comes real speed. There are comments and questions flying by on the screen – it’s sometimes hard to keep up. We’ll explain in a sec. how we keep up and organize ourselves throughout the chat.
  4. Consistent: Twitter Chats (for the most part) are scheduled with the same host at the same time. [weekly, bi weekly, etc.] Before the chat, the host will let you know what that weeks topic will be, so you can decide if its relevant to your business, or even better tell your friends who could be interested in participating!
  5. They’re just plain fun: You have the ability to network with like minded people and share your brand and ideas with them. You learn so much in such a short amount of time. I know after my first chat I walked away with 30 new followers – 15 new emails – and 10 people who wanted to collab! It was awesome! With these stats and if I stay consistent with participating in Twitter chats (1 to 2 a week) think about how fast I could get TwinFin’s name out there!

Twitter Chats are fun but you definitely need to prep & know how to stay organized in order to the get the most out of them.

Here are the ways I like to PREPARE & STAY ORGANIZED:

  1. Check in early: Especially if this is your first twitter chat ever, checking in early is very important. This allows you to check out last weeks chat, get organized, and get your head in the twitter chat mindset. I always check in 5 to 10 minutes early to make sure I’m ready to go for the next hour.
  2. Don’t forget the HASHTAG: The most IMPORTANT part of a Twitter chat. If you don’t include the hashtag, no one in the chat will see your tweets, so basically you’ll be talking to yourself with no engagement. It defeats the whole purpose. [Plus, your current twitter followers may be a tad confused by your tweets.]
  3. Use TWEETDECK: This App is a lifesaver! And my favorite way to manage a Twitter Chat. Tweetdeck allows you to open up multiple twitter windows in 1 screen. This is what mine usually looks like: HOME | NOTIFICATIONS | #CHATHASHTAG | CHAT HOST



  • I keep my notifications front and center so I can easily see direct replies and can respond right away.
  • By opening up a tab specifically for the Twitter chat host – I can ensure that I never miss a question

3. Set aside a full hour: Twitter Chats usually last 1 hour – so to get the full experience, I recommend you stay the full hour. It will give you more time to connect and more opportunities. So don’t try to multitask – it doesn’t work I tried it. Give the twitter chat your undivided attention – & you will be surprise the engagement and feedback you get back from it. It’s awesome!

Interested in getting started in your first Twitter chat? Check out the schedule I put together for you below & get tweetin’ !


8pm #MillentialTalk

8pm #sidehustlechat

9pm #fireworkpeople

10pm #blogelevated


11 am #SEMrushchat

12pm #bufferchat

8pm #evolveUchat

9pm #createlounge

10pm #creativebizchat


2pm #Luv4Social

4pm #BlogPhotoChat

8pm #ellechat

9pm #blisschat



10am #SITSblogging

For more twitter chats in other professions [teacher, health, etc.] check out our twitter calendar here