For many people, twitter can be a little intimidating. A platform dedicated to strictly status updates? I don’t know what to say? HELP! I’ve been on my Twitter journey since 2010, and along the way I’ve grabbed some useful tips that have helped my account grow! And today is your lucky day, friend. I’m dishing out all I got!

  1. Set up a complete profile:  As basic as this is, it is super important!
  • Include a high quality profile picture. [head shot or company logo]
  • Use a different image for your cover photo, but same thing make sure it is high quality and appropriate for your business.
  • Fill out your bio. Put some time into it. Consider this your 140 character elevator pitch. What does your company do & why should I care/follow you?
  • Add relevant website URL/ location, so people can actually look you up online outside of social media and learn even more about you.

2. Follow Industry Influencers: As a multimedia company some accounts we follow are: Adobe, Adweek, NYT Magazine, Melyssa Griffin, and Kayla Hollatz. This is a range between large companies with products and current news within our industry – to real people in the industry who give us motivation and inspire us! BONUS: When you click the follow button on someones profile – Twitter automatically generates 3 similar accounts to follow. AWESOME!

3. Share other work: Now that you are following like minded people, share their work! [with credit. Don’t forget to @ their username!] This is an awesome way to build community, and start making connections. This also mixes it up for your followers. They don’t want to see only your posts 24/7. Give them fresh unique content that you love and know they will too!

4. Tweet with Intention: Twitter is probably the most fast pace social media platform. Have you ever unplugged for even just an hour & then saw how many tweets were under the ‘While you were away’ tab. It’s insane! We usually have at least 100! I don’t have time to read through all that, and I can’t imagine you do either. Keeping that in mind- you need to tweet often and make every tweet you put out there count. Your followers don’t want to hear about the annoying lady in front of you at the food store. But if you’re tweeting 5-10x a day about new projects your working on, deals they can receive from your business, tips that ACTUALLY help them, they will not only be more likely to stick around, but they will want to engage with you and your brand more!

Reading through this posts, you’re like, “this is all great stuff, I want to implement Twitter into my business plan, I just don’t see where I have the time.” Then you have even more luck coming your way. TwinFin Media offers Social Media services to help you grow your online presence. Let the experts helps you take your social media to the next level! Inquire today: