We’ve been sharing tips and tricks to grow your twitter all week, now it’s time to show you all REAL results that we’ve received by implementing these strategies.From August to October we have seen a HUGE jump in numbers and it isn’t by accident. Let’s go behind the scenes:
THE BREAKDOWN: I look to this number as our starting point. No this was not the first month we started tweeting but this was the first month that we were the most consistent with Twitter. This number includes 0 twitter chats joined, 0 Facebook groups joined, 0 cross-sharing between our accounts, 1-5 photos used in tweets, and 0 shares of other peoples content.
THE BREAKDOWN: This month we started implementing the tips and tricks we’d been seeing other people talk about that brought them huge success. It couldn’t hurt to try a few of them out. So we did [and thank goodness we did!] Look at that jump in number from last month. This number includes 1 twitter chat joined (shout out to #nectarchat) 0 Facebook groups joined, 6 posts cross-shared between our accounts, 5-10 photos used in tweets, and 8 shared posts of other peoples content.

THE BREAKDOWN: OH MY GOD – It worked! That is an 90% engagement growth from Aug-Oct. Not only has utilizing these tips increased our numbers but it definitely increased our engagement with our followers and others in our niche. We want to continue this growth and engagement so it pushes us to create more content for our followers, which we love! And this is only the beginning!  This number includes 3 weekly twitter chat joined, 5 Facebook groups joined, ALL posts cross-shared between our accounts, 80% photos used in tweets, and 30 shared posts of other peoples content.

EXTRA: We continue to follow our twitter marketing strategy in November ( i mean, why would be stop? Its working!) and look at our results in only 5 days! That is a 38% increase from the entire month of August! We are extremely happy with our results and are excited to see the continuing growth of our company and its social media accounts!