Everyone knows what Facebook is and with over 1 billion active daily users, most people know how to use it. Social media marketing has become imperative in today’s world. If you haven’t implemented some sort of social media into your marketing plan, you’re considered ‘behind the times’. Seriously though. I myself always look up business’ on Facebook to check out there page and see their reviews and products. If they don’t have social media, as lame as this sounds, I usually don’t head over to that business to check it out in person. It’s true. It [should be] obvious that managing a business page on Facebook is much different than a personal profile. One of the main differences is the etiquette. With etiquette being very important in business, it is sometimes over looked in social media marketing due to the fact that there is SO MANY other aspects and features to pay attention to as well. We’re here today to breakdown the Do’s and Don’ts of a Facebook business page!

DO be mindful of what you post: Does it represent your business core values? If a new customer came to your page – is that what you would want them to see as your first post.

DONT promote yourself on other pages: If you continuously post on other pages asking people to check out your work – it becomes spammy and annoying!

DO always reply to comments and interact with your audience. This not only humanizes your brand, but shows you exemplify excellent customer service!
DONT post about politics or religion : This is VERY self explanatory. If you run your own business you should already why this is not appropriate.
DO private message rather than wall post – to open dialogue with new ‘fans’ . This adds a personal touch and makes your customers feel special.
DONT complain – it looks poorly on you: Nobody wants to do business with a grump. I mean, would you? I personally unfriend negative people off facebook & leave stores if I’m receiving poor service.
DO be visual: Posting photos and videos catches peoples eye more easily than a long status. Show your audience – then tell.
DONT Share someone’s content WITHOUT giving them credit. This does two things. 1. It’s respectful & 2. It exposes your business to that person, which in turn could expose your business to their following – resulting in your audience growth.

Have you found yourself doing a ‘DONT’ for your business on Facebook? It’s okay. While it may seem like these are pretty self explanatory – it really isn’t. Unless you were actively researching for Facebook for business or inquiring with an expert, this DO and DONT list probably didn’t even cross your mind. That’s why we are here for. We love to help our clients achieve the success we know they deserve. So, with our clients in mind, we make our marketing strategies simple yet effective. We implement these strategies into our own marketing plan, and they work! By working on integrating each of these, we saw a noticeable jump in engagement on our page. You can achieve the same results yourself!