When thinking about what social media platforms you want to use, has Facebook crossed your mind? It should. While it is the one of the oldest social media platforms, it has over 1 billion active users and is perfect to hit your target audience. If you have a personal profile already, then you know the Facebook drill. Except, there are many differences between using Facebook for fun and Facebook for business. We will take you through the steps of creating a Facebook biz page – how to use it – PLUS a list of the best things to post on Facebook too!

HOW TO CREATE A FACEBOOK BIZ PAGE A business page on Facebook is a public profile where users ‘like’ your page without requiring your approval. To create a business page, you will need a personal profile first. This allows you to be the administrator of the page. Okay – you have a personal profile page and are ready to set up your page – Let’s get started!

  1.  Click the create page in the side bar
  2. Select a Category: Local business, company/organization, brand/product, artist/band/public figure, entertainment, or cause/community.
  3. Enter business name, address, + phone number [ this will be visible on your page]
  4. Add category, brief description [enter elevator pitch here], and a website to improve search rankings. [This will be visible on your page]
  5. Add a profile photo [ we suggest a high quality image of your company logo]
  6. Add your page to your favorites to easily access it at anytime
  7. Add your preferred page audience – Facebook does this so they know exactly who you want to connect with most.
  8. You now have a business Facebook page! CONGRATS!


  1. ENGAGING CONTENT: This is one of the main components of your business. This is your page -it’s your time to shine & humanize your brand. Share your personal content, share people in your niche’s content (w/credit) that your audience would like, share photos, ask questions, and answer questions. I recommend you follow the 80/20 rule. The rule is as follows: 80% of what you share should be others content – 20% is your content. This allows you to not come across as spammy.
  2. AUDIENCE BUILDING/ENGAGEMENT: You have all this great content – but if you have no audience, what’s the purpose? Besides posting your engaging content, you need to actively grow your audience too! They don’t just stumble on to your page – Facebook is too big for that to happen. Here are a few tips how:
  • ¬† Request friends from your personal profile
  • Share your page on your other social media accounts
  • Join Facebook groups (in your niche) that are dedicated to sharing content with each other.
  • Pay for Facebook ads

3. HAVE A FACEBOOK AD BUDGET: With over 1 billion people actively using Facebook, it’s easy for posts to get lost in newsfeeds or even worse, never pop up at all! If you have something you really want to share, it is SO worth investing in Facebook advertising. You have the ability to type in exactly the audience you want to target. To do this, you fill out the location: Country, State, City, or Zip code – Age of audience – Gender of audience – & precise interests they will have. How awesome is that?! I know what you’re thinking. How much is this going to cost you??? Listen to this : You can go as low as $1.00/day. Incredibly affordable. Facebook estimates that, that $1.00 will have the ability to reach 200-530 people. So, if you’re just starting out – this is perfect!


Below you will find a list we compiled of things to post on Facebook + content that we posted that brought us high engagement levels.