Are you looking for a FREE way to expose your brand even more on Facebook? Yes? Well we’ve got the answer: FACEBOOK GROUPS. Specifically Facebook groups in your niche! A lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners discard Facebook for business for two reasons. Either they don’t understand the purpose of using it or they don’t utilize it properly, and in return don’t get the results they want. *ready, set, JOIN A FACEBOOK GROUP * Before you jump into your Facebook Group joining, there are a few things we need to go over.

  1. Groups are either PUBLIC or PRIVATE: Public means anyone on Facebook can see the group page + the news feed and anyone can comment in it. Private means anyone can see the group page but you need to request to join to see the news feed and comment. From my experience, private groups have more quality content because only people approved for the group can post.
  2. Don’t join a ton of Facebook groups: Joining a ton of Facebook groups all at once sounds like a great idea. You’re thinking “YES! Let’s do this. I can now connect with a ton of people in my niche. Think of the exposure I’m/brand is about to get. HELL YEAH!” I’m guilty of doing this myself. It’s as far from a good idea as possible. To get the most out of groups, you need to engage with posts and other group members. Easy enough. Yet, it is also very time consuming. To give a little insight: I’m apart of 4 groups and I spend about 1-1.5 hours a day engaging within them. That’s about 8-9 hours a week! I could definitely spend more. I talk with so many people and am exposed to so many new brands. It’s awesome! But, definitely requires time. Imagine if you joined 10?! Also, a problem with finding groups to join is that a lot of them are spammy or poorly run. Take the time to hunt out the good ones. It’s worth it!
  3. Facebook groups are supportive: Facebook groups are a great place to ask for advice, gain/give feedback, & share content with people who share similar interests & goals. I think + know from experience that they are awesome to engage with others in your niche and gain more clients. [TIP: Just because you are in the same niche – doesn’t mean you have the same skills. TIME TO COLLAB!]


  1. Post Less – Communicate More: Remember how we discussed the 80/20 rule when discussing posting on business Facebook pages. I like to use the same rule when engaging in Facebook group. Engage with people 80% – Post your content 20%. You don’t want to be a ‘lurker’, answer questions, give advice, and link your content or other related articles, if you think it’ll be helpful to others in the group.
  2. Nobody likes a Salesman: If you are constantly posting about your business and your content, people will get annoyed and you will lost your authenticity. It will come across as you being in this group for selfish purposes and not for be part of a community.
  3. Opportunities out way the Challenges: One of the main challenges people face in Facebook groups is what I like to call the “unknown love.” This is when you are posting but you don’t know the response you are getting in return. a.k.a analytics. So many people focus so much on how many people see there stuff and forget to count the highly engaged interactions they have with people. To me, having five meaningful conversations means more than 50 people seeing it! Keep that in mind. If you are part of any groups or will be joining after bring inspired by this post ( 😉 ) reach out to people – & engage!


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