So, you’re putting all this time into using Facebook as a marketing tool for your business, but you want to know if your efforts are working. Welcome to Facebook insights. We will walk you through what exactly it is and why you will want to use it.


To put it simply, it is a free analytics tool that Facebook provides to its users to show the statistics of each of their posts. It answers questions like: Which posts have the most engagement and which ones don’t, how much of your audience is actually seeing your posts, and how quickly is my audience growing?. If you are looking to answer these questions for your Facebook page, it’s time to check out your Facebook Analytics, like now!


At the top of your profile page, right underneath the search bar, you will see these tabs:

Click on insights.


Facebook gives its users the ability to see the breakdown of page likes, post reach, engagement, recent post engagement, pages to watch, and suggested pages to watch. But what exactly does this mean? Don’t worry we’ll tell ya!

Page Likes: Page Likes is where you can monitor how many people liked your page this week. You can also compare it to the previous weeks and see any growths or losses. Always a helpful starting point to see if your posted content is working or not working.

Post Reach: Post Reach is the number of unique views on your post. This means that it is the exact number of people who saw your post. To be more clear, if someone viewed your post 7 times – it would only be recorded as 1 time for accurate results. 1 view/per person.

Impressions: that logs every view on your post. So it records all 7 views from that 1 person. It is helpful to look at both numbers though.

Engagement: This shows the number of people who liked, commented, and clicked for more.

Recent Post Engagement: Shows your last 5 post, so its easy to analyze those results.

Pages to Watch: A feature that allows you to add competitors pages to track their performance. This isn’t to stalk/negative reasons – If you have a competitor doing really well – it helps to see why.

Suggested Pages to Watch: Maybe you don’t have any competitors to pick out, Facebook will give you suggestions of similar pages.

Now that you know the breakdown of Facebook Analytics – you can now monitor your progress. You shouldn’t consume yourself it stats – they aren’t life or death. But it is good to be aware of how your audience is engaging with your content. Click here to see o our Facebook stats and dive a little deeper into Facebook Analytics.