Yesterday we covered the basics of Facebook Analytics. If you missed it click here: mini facebook analytics course [ we recommend you read that first] The whole purpose of Facebook Analytics is to help you understand your Facebook statistics and maximize your marketing strategy. It tells you information like, whats your best posts, what are your worst posts, and your gained followers. If you haven’t been using your analytics, you should. It is an insanely helpful, and FREE tool provided by Facebook. Below you will see the insights we received this week:

HOW WE UNDERSTAND AND USE OUR STATS: First, we look at our 975 post reach. You can see that we increased by 81% from last week and that’s awesome! But as you can see our engagement numbers don’t add up. Only 63% of our total post reach engaged with our content. I look at this as an overall win, because it is over 50% engagement. Now that I understand that piece of information, it’s time to look at what I posted and how I engaged with my audience this week. Without even looking back on my feed, I know I slacked a little when it came to following the 80/20 rule. It was about50/50 this week. [ oops, human error – forgive me] I did however answer all of the comments/questions on left on our posts. I also engaged in 2 of the 4 facebook groups everyday this week!

Because Facebook posts our last 5 posts, I can clearly see the reaction I received on these posts from my following. I love this because it allows you to see your most recent stuff + your most recent engagement. It doesn’t really help when you see a total number from the last 6 months. Why? Because if you are just starting out, followers are coming and going. You want to see the most recent stuff so you have a better understanding of who your audience is in the NOW! From seeing that chart, I now know that our followers are interested in getting more engagement on their posts. So, this tells me that in the future – posting tips and tricks to get more of an engaged following would also do really well and jump our stats. I also know that I have to be very specific about what outside sources I choose because my audience doesn’t react well to random stuff.

From what I did to market TwinFin this week, I would have projected the same results. Next week, I plan on posting more tips and tricks as well as specifically picked unique content for you guys on our Facebook page. I know you like the tips and tricks the most, and we like sharing it.

So, as you can see not everyone is perfect at implementing marketing strategies, but it is a trial and error process. We have amazing weeks, and we have weeks where we know we need to work on a few things. Our company and our marketing strategies are ever changing and always growing. I hope our Facebook series helped you out and you learned new things to implement into your Facebook marketing plan. If this is the first post you’re seeing, you can find the rest of the week here: day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4. I look forward to seeing you guys next week when we dive into the exciting world of Instagram!