Instagram is so awesome yet can be so frustrating, all at the same time. Because Instagram is a 100% visual social media platform, photo editing is so incredibly important to Instagram accounts. You’re first 6 photos are what catches someone’s eye, the rest is what gets them to stay. [ + captions & engagement – but more on that later this week.] Quick story time:  I joined Instagram in Fall 2011, when I got my first iPhone. I would take a photo that I thought was awesome, and immediately throw it into Instagram & use one of their 10 filters and post. BOOM! Does anyone else remember this? This is how everyone in 2011 was using Instagram, right? K cool. * Moving on* Not only has Instagram upped their game, but there are also awesome apps to edit in before you even head to Instagram. [no Photoshop needed]. We’ll take you through our favorite apps we use to edit our photos.

  1. VSCO Cam: [iPhone + Android] FAVORITE EDITING APP EVER!! It’s free to download & includes tons of filter +editing options. You can also purchase additional filter packs for .99 each [definitely worth it]. You can use this app in 2 ways – either slap on a filter and call it a day, or you have the option to manually edit – almost every aspect of the photo.
  2. Whitagram: [iPhone + Android] Ever wonder how people get those perfect not squared up crops on Instagram? [cue whitagram] This app not only allows you to edit brightness, contrast, saturation, & highlights. It resizes your photo so it fits on Instagram without cropping it into a square. FREE APP.
  3. After Light : [iPhone + Android] While this app also has the standard editing toolbar, it also comes with fun features such as fake lens flares and film leaks to add a unique touch. The app is .99 + you can buy more features. I’ve found that the general .99 version offers you plenty, so you don’t need to purchase additional packages.
  4. Facetune : [iPhone + Android] Best known for its ability to edit and improve skin and facial tune ups – while keeping it looking natural. It allows you to smooth out all imperfections of your skin, thin your face, even deepen your smile. Even if you want to eliminate one pesky pimple, check out this app! ($3.99)
  5. Lightroom : If you are familiar with adobe suite software, or are someone who wants to try to learn, this app is for you! Not only does have it many of the editing capabilities as the computer version, which is so awesome! ALSO, it can be synced with your desktop program.

You’ve probably heard of a few of things before, but if not, these are awesome apps and easy to learn! Now that you have our list of go to apps, let’s walk you through how we go about posting a photo on Instagram, when we use VSCO: step1: Take pic  ||  step 2: Open VSCO ||  step 3: Add photo ||  step 4: Open filter bar & check photo with c1/vibrant [sometimes it looks terrible so I continue to edit the orginal without a filter] ||  step 5: adjust settings   ||  step 6: Open toolbar & adjust exposure, temperature, contrast, adjust, crop, fade, shadows, etc. ||  step 7: Save photo  ||  step 8: Open whitagram || step 9: Save ||  step 10: Post Here are a few snap shots of our current feeds :