Every Friday during the Social Media Series we share our personal success with our account. The purpose of this is to show you, our audience that the tips we are sharing actually works. We implement every tip and trick we share with you. We test them out for at least 1 month before sharing them, so we are POSITIVE they work. You can find our Twitter and Facebook success (here, and here). This week we are dissecting our Instagram success! For us, Instagram was the last social media platform we set up. We set it up about two months after we launched our business last December. [side note: our 1st birthday is coming up so so SO soon! yay!] We would post our work & own photography, but we hardly put a caption or hash tagged them. We only followed our friends, and didn’t even think to explore and find other people in our niche. Before you ask, why not? Let me stop you, and say, I was stuck with the personal profile mindset. On my personal profile I had about 450 friends and it was constantly growing. I would post pictures without captions and receive 80 likes, no problem. So I was treating the TwinFin account the same. DO NOT DO THIS! You can already guess, this method only got us so far. We hit a plateau within the first month. ugh! So how did I get out of this?! I started to look at what successful accounts were doing + read a few blog posts on Pinterest. Like with every good research sesh, i found some awesome info, terrible info, and well, helpful info, but not helpful for my business. So.. from my mini research this is what I learned & applied to my account:

  • #1: Find your voice & use it: I have a more conversational tone in my instagram. I write to my friends, because hey! my followers are my internet friends!
  • #2: Hashtag: Shocker! but hear me out. Of course the purpose of hashtags is to get your posts in front of a ton of people. So get them in front of the right people. It’s important to use hashtags that are important to your business AND hashtags your target audience is know to use.
  • #3: Follow people in your niche: A lot of people think that people in your niche are also your competitors. Especially in the entrepreneur creative biz. THIS STATEMENT IS WRONG! Don’t listen to these people. You don’t need this kind of negativity in your life. For real though. There are so many occupations with all different target audiences. Following people in your niche is important because it not only allows you to network, and collab [always fun. haven’t tried it, look into it. Another great way to grow your account authentically.], but it also helps you to find your internet besties, which is always awesome!
  • #4: Always Geo-Tag: I use to never geo tag, like ever. Even if I was in a cool, popular place, it never crossed my mind. Once I realized I should be doing this, I wanted to hit my past self on the head and just be like “wtf, man you blew it.” I learned that this is just as important as hashtags. Especially when you’re at a popular place. Once we started geo-tagging we started gaining followers every time we posted! CRAZY!

So with these tips in place, I got to work, & just like that I watched the TwinFin Instagram grow. I remember vividly sitting on the beach at Aliso in Laguna Beach this summer and being bummed because I started doing these things but our numbers had barely grown + we lost a few followers. But I soon realized that I lost followers that didn’t matter, they were never going to check out our website or use our services. The 80 followers I did have were 100% authentic and into the TwinFin brand. But still, I wished that number was higher. 3 months later, we have 300 quality followers. That’s a 73% growth! YASSS [insert hands in the air emoji] While growing your account does take time, it is so worth it to have all authentic followers because those are the people that help you turn likes into clients into paychecks. Remember that!

While reviewing overall success is awesome, showing ya’ll only our November stats – is the real deal [in my opinion]. I mean, I definitely like to see, and get more from seeing little milestones than seeing the final product. Below you will find our full November stat breakdown. [Left: likes Right: comments]

November was an incredible month for us. We received the most likes and comments we ever have in a 1 month period, and it’s not over yet. This month we had our very first picture hit over 100 likes. It got 116 to be exact, & then the next day our photo got 129 likes! Not only that, people were commenting on our photos. Before taking Instagram seriously, no one commented on our photos. From being bummed in Laguna with 80 followers, to reaching 300 followers & breaking 100 likes on pictures + receiving comments. It was crazy! I am ecstatic that changing up my Instagram plan and taking it serious, without getting to salesy & spammy, worked! So much that I thought it was necessary to share with you!

Want more information? Feel free to comment or reach out via email twinfinmedia123@gmail.com