Have you considered using Pinterest for business? Did you even know you could? Yeah, it can be used [successfully] for more than just scanning pretty pictures. We can personally attest to Pinterest being a main traffic-driver to our site. But to have success using it for business, you need to be smart. Here are our top 5 tips to using Pinterest for business:

  1. Set a Strategy: You need to pin strategically. This means figuring out what you are going to post & when. What purpose does Pinterest hold for your [online] business? Drive traffic to site, increase sales, boost brand awareness? You need to pick images that fit your plan and match your brand.
  2. Pay Attention to Your Ratio: While Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have the 80/20 rule, Pinterests ratio rule is a little different. We break our Pinterest boards into a 40/40/20 ratio. The ratio is simple, post 40% instructional & educational, 40% motivational & inspiring, and 20% personal brand. It’s the same concept of the 80/20 rule. Your followers will get tired of just solely your content posts + it will come across as spammy + salesy. People who enjoy your content & work also want to see where you grab your inspiration from.
  3. Promote Others: By helping others through repinning, liking, and commenting you are also getting your brands name out there. A good rule I try to stick to is repinning 5-10 o the same persons stuff, so when they sign on your name is popping up a bunch in their notifications.
  4. Cross Promote: SO IMPORTANT! Let your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & blog followers know you have a Pinterest. To do this you can creating a Pinterest tab, on Facebook, tweeting/instagramming your pins, as well as embedding  pins in your blog post. As simple as that. By doing this w/ our accounts we gained about 50 followers from other accounts.
  5. Go Multimedia: Pretty pictures that lead to even prettier blog posts are awesome but you don’t need to limit yourself. Share videos screencasts, even podcasts would be awesome. Us personally, share our video content weekly, and have received awesome feedback. Want to try this out but don’t know what to post? Try a tutorial or demo. Maybe even add a free webinar you did a couple weeks ago. All these ideas can help grow your business and increase sales.

Mini homework: Try out these 5 tips over the next week or two and see if you see any increase in engagement. We’ve have great success, implementing these tips. Leave a comment and let us know if you did too.