In yesterday’s post I mentioned showing your followers where you find inspiration via Pinterest. Pinterest is a giant search engine filled with pretty pictures, not so pretty pictures, insanely awesome and helpful blog posts & not so awesome helpful blog posts. So while scanning through all these pictures is fun, we’ll show you how to scan Pinterest with purpose & find exactly what you need. Today, we are going to show you how to scout out new inspiration + a couple boards that have been really getting the juices flowing lately. WAYS TO FIND INSPIRATION:

  1. THINK: Do you have any favorite Instagram of Twitter accounts in your niche, people who inspire you, or maybe even a brand who is inspiring you? YES?! okay, awesome! Now search for them in Pinterest.

This month we’re really loving: Urban Outfitters With the holidays coming up- I’ve been looking to them for recipe and decoration ideas. I love their brand, so looking to them for DIYs to decorate my house for the holidays was a no brainer. You can check out their dreamy holiday board here:

2. LOOK AT THEIR FOLLOWERS:  Because I like their stuff, I’m going to look to where they get their inspiration and see who they follow. [It’s a never ending cycle] While searching Urban Outfitters, I confined my search to holiday. So when searching their followers I will [try] to stick to finding people who have holiday inspo. While scrolling through I came across Bon Appetit Magazine. I follow them on Twitter and Instagram so i know i LOVE their stuff. They have recipes for literally EVERYTHING, and definitely have some awesome holiday recipes I’d love to try! Check out these 3 boards:
Bon Appetit Magazine’s boards fulfills any foodie or wanna-be foodies dreams. They are #foodgoals for sure. It was fun to see who they found interesting enough to follow. FOLLOW PEOPLE WHO HAVE OVER 1K FOLLOWERS: Pottery Barn! Of course. I wish my whole house was decorated by these design gods! They are awesome because they have something to offer every design style. Heading over to their page, you immediately see their to die for Fall/Thanksgiving inspo board.  Pottery Barn makes you wish you had the money and time to re decorate your entire house for every holiday! Check them out:


#1: Find someone or brand who inspires you

#2: Scan through their followers

#3: Check out people who have over 1k followers

#4: Give them a follow so you get their content into your newsfeed.

This is an easier way to navigate your way through the intense search engine Pinterest. I love using this technique when I’m searching for something specific like a recipe, or a design technique. If you use this technique let us know in the comments below. If you don’t navigate through Pinterest like that – give it a try!