Pinterest is basically a goldmine for businesses. But,the concept of Pinterest is like no other social media. So gaining a following on this platform is also very different. Over the past year I’ve learned what content people engage with, don’t engage with, and how to gain followers. Here is our list of do’s and don’ts to gaining followers on Pinterest.

1. DO use vertical photos: By making your photos vertical, it enlarges the photo and makes it more enticing to click on. People tend to think the taller the photo the better. However the ideal ratio for Pinterest graphics is 2:3. The perfect size is 736 px wide by 1104 px tall. This has been proven by Buffer that this size pin does 60% better than graphics taller than this.

2. DONT forget to rearrange your holiday boards: Rule of thumb – always put current holiday boards on the 2nd row and all other holiday boards on your last. Never delete them. You never know when people are looking for inspiration.

3. DO have portfolio boards: This is crucial for business owners. Photographers, Designers, Bloggers, etc. should definitely have a few boards dedicated to your own personal work. This is the place to show off your talents and services. This not only shows new pinners your work, but also you can send the link to clients to show them your capability. It’s basically an extension to your personal site photo gallery.

4. DONT pin a bunch your images all at once: Have you ever followed someone who has done that? So annoying right. I personally un follow people who bombard my timeline with only their content. It’s so spammy. You MUST mix in other various pins to break up your personal pins.

5. DO create unique content to pin: It’s so important for business owes to produce unique content [especially on Pinterest] to allow them the ability to stand out. If you pin the same thing everyone else is, how to you expect to stand out.

We have followed this list and in return watched out audience become more engage and your account grow! When approaching Pinterest you need to have a strategic plan. This is not a platform you go into blindly. After a year of utilizing Pinterest as a marketing tool, I strongly believe their are more DON’TS than DO’s and knowing them can definitely help you build your account. Here are a few of the popular ones:

  • Don’t use hashtags
  • Don’t pin your pins all to one board
  • Don’t be inconsistent
  • Don’t open an account because everyone else has one
  • Don’t leave your boards without descriptions
  • Don’t leave your pins without descriptions
  • Don’t use a personal account to promote a business
  • Don’t leave empty boards
  • Don’t upload your content without links
  • Don’t pin only your content
  • Don’t break the rules in group boards
  • Don’t over pin – spread out your pins

Leave a comment if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. If you would like us to elaborate on any of these points we would be happy to do so. Leave a comment or shoot us an email – even if it’s just to say hey!