First off, I can’t believe how quickly November flew by. I feel like we just started the social media series and now it’s over. I guess it’s true what they say, “time flies when you’re having fun!” YES!
Thank you to everyone who engaged with our blog. I had no idea I was going to receive the response I did. I received countless comments, DM’s, and emails from people saying how much my content was helping them + I even had people asking if I had knowledge in certain social media area’s because they’d like to learn about it and liked the way I breakdown the info so simply. CRAZY! I never expected that. I originally started all of this because my passion lies in online marketing and I figured this could be a creative outlet to share my extensive social media knowledge. I came up with the idea of a Social Media series, because I had soooo much information for each social media platform, I didn’t even know where to start. So I figured, if I did a series, I could focus on 1 platform a week & give my audience the most valuable information. But I can honestly say, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was not prepared, and I don’t mean with my content. I had no idea about the crazy, amazing, supportive world of blogging that is out there! So today, I am going to give you guys an insight in to how we grew out blog by 85% in 1 month! Here are the top 5 things I learned during the last month:
  • Define your ideal reader: To write your best post, you need to have an ideal reader in mind. Why is this so important? Well you see, by doing that you are allowing yourself to personalize your post & dive deeper into the topic, rather than generalizing. To help in choosing your ideal reader, think of your ideal client. For us, we chose to write to small biz owners who wanted a thriving online presence. And that’s exactly who we attracted + more!
  • Create an editorial calendar: THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! Writing out a clear, concise, and manageable calendar will help you keep on track and keep your blog running smoothly. I failed to do this – serious rookie mistake. This resulted in a lot of late nights writing, failed attempts to edit before publishing. & quick thrown together graphics towards the end. The only things that held the blog together was my initial post stating what and when I’m doing this series, & my valuable + actionable content. I learned my lesson quick & made an editorial calendar for December. Can you say game-changer!
  • Study your analytics: So incredibly important! I ignored this for the first 6 months of having our website. But of course, back then we didn’t have a blog – it was strictly our services. So, to be honest, for my first month of blogging I didn’t check my analytics once! I was just doing my thing, with not a care in the world. WRONG. BAD. DON’T DO THIS. To my surprise we achieved 575 views. Not bad for a newbie. So, this past month, my first REAL month of blogging, I studied the analytics religiously on our site and social media accounts. What a different it makes! Now I know my audience loves how-to’s and they are viewed now about 300-500 times a day! CRAZY! That’s basically all of last months views.
  • Be consistent with your graphics: By keeping your graphics following the same design concepts, you begin to grow brand recognition. I know this personally. By week 2 of the series, I had a small biz owner reach out to me, complementing me on my cohesive design & how it made it easy to find my content on Pinterest.
  • Network: Join Facebook groups in your niche, jump into Twitter chats, even sharing your blog on your personal accounts will drive traffic back to your site. Making friends online, besides being sooo 21st century, it is crucial to growing your blog. I have met so many awesome people through this journey, who are so incredibly supportive and inspiring. They’re people who just get it. They are in the same boat – hustlin’ – achieving their goals and dreams!
When sitting down to write what I learned over the last month of blogging, I realized I had way more than I thought I would. I had success, fails, lessons learned, and everything in between. I want to dish it all out to you, without writing a 3,000 word post. Ya’ll wouldn’t read that. I wouldn’t either. So I am going to give my inside scoop to all of my blogging experiences once a week! So stay tuned next week where I go in depth about how to grow your social media which will in turn grow your “true” audience, and then your blog! Until next time.