So last week I wrote a post “How we grew 85% in our first month blogging’ You can read it here.

The point of posting that was because I wanted to show our readers that it is possible to take your blog from 0 views a month to reaching 400 view days! I want them to know it is completely possible! I know personally, I come across A LOT of bloggers teaching you how to grow your blog quick. But once you get to their post you find out that they had a small email list, they had 400 followers on Twitter, & they had already been reaching 10k views a month! For a blog newbie, I felt a disconnect. I was following their tips and tricks and not even coming in the same range of results they had. You want to know why? They have been blogging for 1, 2, 3 years & this was my first month!

I want to be a resource for other newbies and show them that this is all possible, and that these are reachable goals! But to be honest, right after I posted it I know I didn’t completely explain how we grew our blog by 85%. I gave 4 ways, with little descriptions, and that was it. I didn’t see that as being fair to my followers. But, there was almost too much information that I wanted to share, I just didn’t know how to cohesively put it together. [I bet other bloggers know the struggle #firstworldprobs ]

So, I went back to the drawing [ well I guess writing board] and tried to figure out how to dissect this information. Then I had a realization! I DID show ya’ll how we grew our blog with 15 days of tips and tricks. Each tip we gave you, wasn’t from some google search. They were tips and tricks that we ourselves tried and had great success from, so we wanted to tell you about it! So the answer is simple: We grew our blog by 85% using social media! Strictly social media. No email list, small social media following, and no previous blog exposure.
We went from 0-50 views a day in our first [ not serious] month to taking it seriously the next and reaching 400 view days. CRAZY! We blogged 15 [week]days straight, providing you, our beloved reader with actionable tips to grow you social media accounts that in turned will grow your blog by 85% in 1 month! To find out our 15 tips for growing your blog and social media platforms, I linked all my posts from the Social Media Series below:
By growing our social media following, we were then able to reach our targeted audience with our blog posts. Exactly our goal! It’s awesome to have reoccurring readers who come back every week and to grow our little community of TwinFin-ners! Without you guys, our blog would not have reached the success that it has today! So THANK YOU! Feel free to leave a comment below with feedback or if there is a social media topic you want us to cover. We are here for you guys, so ask away!
stock photos by: (1) hello big idea  (2) Rekita Nicole