Our blog following here at TwinFin Media is pretty split. Half of our readers have blogs and half don’t. But the half that don’t, has a small percentage of readers who want to start their own blog, they are just waiting to take the leap! If you have a blog, or you’re thinking about a blog, there is one common thing we all struggle with a little bit, WHAT DO I WRITE! It can be hard to come up with original content and not to copy what other people are doing. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few ways we like to come up with original content:

FACEBOOK: I overlooked this for sooo long! About 3 months ago I started becoming very active in Facebook groups and noticed a lot of people asking questions that I could answer. So every week I scan the group for questions and turn those into blog posts. When one person asks a questions, they definitely aren’t the only ones wondering about the answer. By participating in the correct groups, you are answering questions for your target market.

TWITTER: This is kind of similar to Facebook. You can definitely find questions in Twitter chats, but also people you follow. Sometimes the most unexpected person asks a question that your audience might want the answer to, too.

CLIENTS: This should be a no brainer for a lot of people. Clients are a valuable tool when it comes to blogging. They always have questions. Something that you might think is so simple, could actually be an important question that some people really don’t know the answer to. If you are getting one question in particular, from multiple clients – that would be something worth writing about. Guaranteed there are more people out there wondering the same thing!

INDUSTRY SITES/BLOGS: This can be a little tricky. There is a fine line between grabbing inspiration and flat out copying someone. Whatever industry you’re in, I’m assuming you subscribe to relevant newsletters, blogs, and magazines. If not – why the heck not! Go do that right now! [well, finish reading my post, then go do that 🙂 ] I follow upwards of 100 companies/people in my industry via social media, newsletters, and magazines. This not only allows me to keep up to date with my industry, but it also gives me ideas for my blog! New product came out? I can write a review. Controversial topic hits the news? I can write about my thoughts. The options are endless!

EVERYDAY LIVING: I am constantly grabbing inspiration from my daily life. I look to the ways I’m staying organized for work, tips and tricks for working at home, how to stay motivated, etc. I also look to what is inspiring me, color palettes I’m loving, and new techniques I have recently learned. [there’s a couple blog topics right there for ya’ll, your welcome!] By blogging about your personal life, you are also humanizing your brand, and expressing yourself to your audience on a deeper level. I don’t know about you, but I love that aspects about bloggers. It’s kind of like you are snooping into their life, and they are letting you.

This posts should have helped you out, if you were stuck in a writers rut, or on your way there. Blog once a week or three times a week, these simple ways can help you generate a bunch of ideas you can blog about for months! Want more help? Contact us today about our Blog Consultation Packages.

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