For the last two weeks I have signed on to Instagram to see a flood of posts telling me to turn on notifications for their accounts. Some I have turned on, a lot I have not. Why? To be honest, I want to see how the new Instagram algorithm effects my feed & if it becomes absolutely necessary turn those notifications on. I have my ride or die accounts I check and engage with everyday, the accounts I check but rarely engage with, and then the accounts I follow because they are friends or family and even if their accounts suck, I still love them! Does this sound familiar? Maybe you have your followers broken down into the same categories?

Before I get into the post let me explain what THE INSTAGRAM CHANGE is, for people who are still unsure. Instagram is being very vague about what changes they are making but what has been released is that they are reordering how you see the 150 posts on your timeline based on popularity, timeliness, and your relationship with that account. They have made it clear that you will still see all of your photos in your feed, just not in chronological order.

Let me drop some knowledge bombs on you for a sec:

1. Instagram has ALWAYS only shown you 150 photos on your timeline. If you follow over 150 people, which most do, you’ve never seen everyones content in your feed anyway.

2. Facebook owns Instagram – they’re trying to make your feed be like your Facebook feed where popular content and your most    viewed profiles come up first. Facebook has made so many changes in the last year that they never announced. Because of that, either people didn’t notice, or if they did they didn’t really care.

3. Instagram is a FREE app. Why are people getting so mad over a FREE app switching things up.

Facts or no facts, people are still freaking out. They are begging you to turn on those post notifications and hoping for the best! But wait. If you have a decent account that gets 100+ likes on a photo, what are the chances you will stop to see the notifications of other accounts. It’s like the whole “best friend” feature on Facebook. It was cool at first, then it just became SO ANNOYING or got lost among your other notifications. I have a feeling that is how the whole instagram notifications thing is going to go. You’ll keep them on for a while, and then one by one you will turn them off and be back at square one with no notifications turned on at all.

Note: How many times do you follow and unfollow accounts? Are you really going to hit the notification button for every one of them? Probably not. This just doesn’t seem to be an effective method for Instagram.

So how can you ensure people will see your content without having to turn on the ANNOYING notification button ?


This is the simplest and most genuine way to get your photos to the top of your followers feeds + continue to grow your following.

– LIKE your followers photos

– LIKE photos of people who use the same hashtags

– Leave genuine COMMENTS on photos you like

– ALWAYS respond to comments on your post


This will be one of the ways you will stick out in a world of popularity. If your graphics and photos are appealing, beautiful, and not your ordinary Instagram of food or flat lays – they will in turn get more attention! Your beautiful photos will catch someones attention, but teach them something in the caption. Give your followers substance. Give them a reason to follow you. I mean just think to the popular accounts you follow – what do they do that keeps you coming back for more?


I recommend sharing your Instagram photos on your other social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Website. This will make your other audiences aware that you have an account that might not know already. If they are following you on other platforms, than they clearly like your content and are in your target audience.


With so many rumors flying around, when is this change ACTUALLY happening? Instagram took to Twitter to assure us that they will give us all a heads up when this new algorithm goes into effect.

No matter what the changes are, because lets face it, their inevitable, let’s try to keep Instagram an authentic and genuine platform to share all of our rad content. Hopefully the post notifications won’t be mandatory and that these new changes won’t be drastic. Either way, keep giving your followers some loving & rocking your Instagram profile.

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