Is it just us or does it seem like Instagram is constantly changing? We feel like there are new updates, new techniques, and new trends being added daily. Actually, more like every hour! Small biz owners, we know are too busy running your business to spend time figuring out all these changes on your own. We will show you easy hacks that will help you stay up to date on the latest trends that will take your business to the next level on Instagram!


A trendy feature going around the Instagram sphere is centered bio’s. It’s visually appealing and catches any eye that lands on your account. Have you seen them and wondered how they do that? We’ll show you how you can achieve this look yourself!

  1. Head over to on your desktop
  2. Select edit your profile
  3. Copy the space between the arrows below. (DO NOT copy the arrows – just the space between)


     4. Edit your bio & paste the spaces before each line of text.

NOTE: If your text isn’t perfectly centered, don’t worry this can be fixed! You can add or delete spaces to achieve the perfect centered bio. It just takes a little trial and error.


Photos including perfectly bulleted and number captions have been flooding Instagram timelines everywhere. When you sign onto Instagram they don’t give you an option to enter, so how did they do that?

  1. Press the 123 Key in the bottom left corner
  2. Where the @ and # sign is – turns into the return key – allowing you to enter in your captions.

NOTE: Instagram has now put a cap on captions to 3 lines before having to click more. So when writing a caption with line breaks, strategically write your intro sentence to contain a valuable teaser and make you audience want to click more.


A big part of social media marketing is sharing you content across multiple platforms. Here’s a trick that will make sharing your Instagram to Pinterest super easy!

Copy your Instagram Link :

  • Pick the photo you want to share in your Instagram
  • Click the (…) three dots on the top left of your Instagram posts.
  • Tap share / tap click link

Open Pinterest:

  • Click profile tab
  • Tap (=) to add pin – Pin from a copied link
  • Pinterest will automatically populate pin from Instagram post
  • Edit caption
  • Pin to desired board!


For those business owners who are serious about Instagram know all about profile aesthetic and theme. Even if you don’t, you have your favorite filters you love to use all the time. To make editing easier and faster, you can now add your favorite filters to the from of your list. Here’s how:

  1. Open the filter page
  2. Scroll to the far right and click ‘manage’

To Reorder: Hold down the 3 grey lines on the left and drag to its desired location.

Hide Filter: Tap the white check mark to deselect any filters you’d like to hide. It’s that easy!


While posting quality content is key, at the end of the day Instagram thrives off two-way communication. Engage with your interactors, give them a cyber high five, comment on their content frequently. See a photo on an account that reminds you of them? Tag them! The goal is to build a relationship with your following not make them feel like just another follower. Too many people put focus their energy on gaining new followers, instead of giving their time to their existing followers.

Tip: We like to look at taking the time to write a personal comment or a positive Direct Message in the internet world, as the equivalent of taking the time to write a hand written note in the real world. We know when we receive a letter or a comment it makes us smile, so we love to do the same to our followers!

We hope you found this post helpful & will begin implementing some of these Instagram hacks. Looking for more helpful tips and tricks for social media? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!