Starting a business is so exciting, but also very demanding. You might think you’re ready to take a risk and start a fun new challenge, but you need to remember it is very stressful and demands your full focus. This isn’t meant to scare you away, this is just telling you the reality of being an entrepreneur. Since we’ve been in business for almost 2 years, (wow time flies!) we thought we’d give you a break down of 40 things you need to do in order to set yourself up  for a successful business.


  1. Develop the idea of your business
  2. Test the plausibility of this idea
  3. Identify your market
  4. Select a business name
  5. Register business name
  6. Determine costs
  7. Establish a budget
  8. Write a business plan
  9. Share with friends and family
  10. Ignore the haters
  11. Set up a great support system
  12. Determine tax obligations
  13. Register for state and local taxes
  14. Obtain needed permits and licenses
  15. Finance your business
  16. Buy Insurance
  17. Get an accountant / set up books
  18. Understand employer responsibilities
  19. Hire reliable employees (if needed)
  20. Assign responsibilities
  21. Purchase URL for website
  22. Set up website
  23. Set up blog on website
  24. Set up social media


Your business is finally opening, how exciting! Here are a few tips to make sure things go smoothly and you don’t have a melt down.

  1. Be flexible
  2. Be patient
  3. Don’t get angry over small things
  4. Over deliver at first to your customers
  5. Do not talk negatively of competitors
  6. Do not fear competitors
  7. Do not compare yourself to your competition
  8. Remember honest is key!
  9. Take advantage of free resources
  10. Know when to invest in things
  11. Benefit from word of mouth
  12. Network
  13. Always focus on the customers
  14. Ignore the naysayers
  15. Kick ass!


You’re going to have your good days and your bad days, and your to-do list is going to constantly grow, rather than shrink. Here is a sample to do list of things you can knock our in an hour (or less!), when you feel overwhelmed but need to get stuff done!

  1. Respond to two lengthy email
  2. Schedule 1 social media account for the next week
  3. Pay a bill (or 2)
  4. Make a to-do list for the next day
  5. Think of new incentives for your customers
  6. Set up an e-newsletter
  7. Create an email template
  8. Clean up your desk area
  9. Search for inspiration
  10. Organize your money: figure out your income & expenses. Never to early to prep for tax time!
  11. Check to make sure all the functions of your website work
  12. Write down monthly and yearly goals
  13. Clean out your social media accounts (unfollow, unsubscribe, unbookmark)
  14. Analyze and record Analytics for social and web
  15. Interact with followers on social media (comment, like, share)
  16. Meet with team members