Social media is such an awesome tool for business use. It truly has allowed so many the opportunity to take the entrepreneurial route and work from home.  When it comes to using it for business and personal use, a lot of us become so absorbed into this online world, and disconnect from reality for hours.

Working as a digital media strategist, I know the struggle. Even with my social media scheduler, I still find myself constantly scrolling through my newsfeed, trying to convince myself “Oh, it’s okay. It’s my job.” “I’m just doing research” “I have to” Can you relate? (If yes, keep reading. If no, keep reading, you’ll get to this point soon enough.)


Enough with the excuses, enough with the wasted time – LET’S SOCIAL MEDIA DETOX!


Why is it good to have a social media detox?

  1. You should not be dictated by the mainstream media
  2. You should not worry about being judged by society sole on your appearance shown through social media
  3. You should be spending more time with loved ones
  4. You should start living by reality and less by desire
  5. Start having a healthier relationship with yourself instead of comparing our success to others.
  6. There is a life outside of social media that you are neglecting.

I like to do this once a month. Spoiler Alert: You will feel so much more refreshed and relax. The scary part is, you’ll actually be able to see how much you actually reach for your phone on a daily basis. When you don’t have your phone, it just looks like an awkward nervous tick. ha!

Step 1: Where do you get your info – what social media platforms do you frequent?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr

Step 2: Clean Up – Unfollow, Unsubscribe, Unbookmark

Email: Check out to see how many newsletters your subscribed to. The ones you clearly never open – unsubscribe! Debating on unsubscribing? Just do it! Only keep the ones you are for sure about.

Instagram: Download Crowdfire – This app shows you who of your followers are inactive, and who doesn’t follow you back. UNFOLLOW ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE! This helps you clean house easier, and more effectively.

Web: Unbookmark all blogs/sites you haven’t visited in over a week. If you are not visiting them every week you do not need it bookmarked.


Step 4: After your Social Media Detox – Answer these questions.

  1. Were you able to complete the detox successfully?
  2. Do you feel less attached to your phone?
  3. Was it a positive or negative experience? Why?
  4. Were you able to spend an entire day unplugged?

I hope you guys find this challenge really helpful and get to spend some quality time doing what makes you happy!